Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SCCAPG to be at Jamboree 2017

Greetings, SCCAPG members and others!

We are so excited about again sponsoring the So. Calif. Gen. Soc. Jamboree Research Assistance rooms that we can't help bragging. This is our 8th year helping people knock down (or at least put a chink in) their brick walls. We are hoping our members who will be at Jamboree will stop by the help or sign up in advance at the volunteer sign-up page.

By the way, you can also GET help at this location! So check us out in the Tech Hallway. We open at 1pm on Friday June 9th and close at 2:30 on Sunday June 11th. 

And in the middle - on Saturday at 5:00 pm in that same room, we will have our open general meeting, with invitations issued to anyone who is interested in APG and our chapter. Spread the word!

Hope to see you there!

Jean Hibben
President, SCCAPG

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