Monday, October 24, 2011

Caroline Braxton Rober Memorial Internet Learning Center

The new Caroline Braxton Rober Memorial Internet Learning Center at the Orange Regional Family History Library was dedicated on Sat., 15 Oct.
2011. Present were the mayor from Orange, other city representatives, past staff members from the Orange FHL, family members from Caroline's loving family, and a host of friends of the facility to celebrate 20 years of operation as a regional resource location as well as the opening of the new Learning Center. The Center is designed for patrons to have on-line access to webinars and other programs involving viewing and listening; two computers are equipped with two head-sets each so that four individuals can view resources at the same time. SCCAPG's own Daniel Bartosz was instrumental in the construction of this facility and it is now open for operation. The FHL is located at 674 S. Yorba in Orange. Their website is <>. Check on line for hours and closures.

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  1. This was not only a great event, it honored an amazing woman. Caroline was always one to offer her help and guidance. She was one of my mentors as I began working at my new profession as a genealogist. She was my predecessor as president of SCCAPG and gave much of her time to help me get acclimated with my new responsibilities. She gave freely of documents, templates, forms, graphics, etc. to make my job easier, and many files on my computer still bear the originator's name: "Caroline Rober." Her commitment to education has been a guidepost for our SCCAPG meetings and website, and now this blog. It is only fitting that the section at the Orange FHL be dedicated to that element of family history and I hope many will avail themselves of this unique center.